Transitional Vent Unit


The Transitional Vent Unit (TVU) is an innovative, new clinical program, the first of its kind in the UAE, developed specifically to provide hope to patients who are dependent on mechanical ventilation as a result of an injury or critical illness. Hospital intensive care units are designed to provide care for acutely ill patients.

However, after patients have become stable following the necessary clinical interventions, patients do best within environments and care centers specifically designed to care for longer term patients. Our goal at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is to reunite patients and families back in their homes and communities to, once again, enjoy a meaningful life. Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center provides hope to patients who otherwise languish, day after day, in intensive care lacking the consistent, daily rehabilitation needed to help them become, over time, independent of the mechanical ventilator.


Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, the premier provider of long term care and post-acute rehabilitation, with extensive experience and a number of success stories, has partnered with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate, to provide a clinical program to that allows the admission into our Translational Vent Unit of patients who are deemed medically stable but require protracted and customized medical care specifically designed to slowly wean them off mechanical ventilation.

An individualized, bespoke, weaning protocol is designed by our Consultant Intensivists who work in collaboration with our medical and rehabilitation physicians, as well as our entire multidisciplinary team to develop appropriate therapies. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and respiratory therapy are all necessary to facilitate. improved strength, conditioning, and alertness for our patients.

We provide 24/7 expert, in-house physician coverage combined with skilled and experienced ICU nurses.

In addition, we have, on staff, consultant neonatologists and pediatricians who help care for our pediatric patients.



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