Lynne Fleifel Member of the Board

Lynne Fleifel

Lynne is a Board Member at the Cambridge Medical and Research Centre.

She currently serves as Director of the Olayan Knowledge Management Hub at OFC, where she spearheads the research and writing of case studies around the Group’s historically important operating companies.

Lynne has been with the Olayan Group for nearly 15 years, working in various capacities at the Olayan Financing Company in Riyadh. She has served as Head of Private Equity for the MENA region, rising to that position in a journey that took her from trainee to dealer, public equity analyst, private equity portfolio manager and eventually senior portfolio manager.

In addition to her current professional responsibilities, Lynne also serves on the Executive Committee of the Suliman S. Olayan Foundation (SSOF) and is a member of the Steering Committee for Olayan Women Network (OWN). Apart from CMRC, she also serves on the boards of other OFC investments such as TVM Healthcare Partners and Manzil Health Services.