With the OUTSTANDING CARE we provide to our patients and their families, We help patients transition from our home to your home.

PROGRESS MADE PERSONAL isn’t merely a slogan, it is our FOCUS and our PASSION.

Dr. Howard Podolsky Chief Executive Officer - UAE


Abdulla’s father, states: “We felt it when Abdullah came to the Centre, how his health improved much better with the Rehabilitation especially that he wasn’t in a good health condition before. But now, Thank God, his health is showing a lot of improvement”.                                                                                                                     - Adnan Al Junaibi

“I was admitted to this center by Thiqa while I had a health disorder, to an extent where I couldn’t stand on my feet, not even I could use my hands, my body was in a still situation. After my surgery, I was informed that I needed a physical therapy and Rehabilitation. Thank God, I have improved, I gained my walking skills again, and help myself maneuver.  Moreover, at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center the staff work jointly with the patients making us feel productive and happy about the training that we undergo and our efforts”                                          - Naser Ali Naser Alwai 

Ali was admitted on the 25th of August, 2015 to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center’s Abu Dhabi office two months after birth. 

Amid his stay, Ali’s practical issues were effectively settled and he is currently fit for achieving, holding and playing with toys all without provoking.  Ali has effectively improved at CMRC and now he stays as an In-Patient at our Center for the specific treatment of word-related and physiotherapy sessions.                                - Ali Numain Al Ansari

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